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“I guess I’ve just never known a woman who wanted to do these things that men do in the Army, and I’m having a hard time understanding it.”
This is a sentence my grandma said to me today. This is a sentence that many different people, in many different ways, have said to me over the past few weeks. Some less tactfully than Grandma. (Truthfully, even Grandma has come a long way to be able to say that sentence so calmly and tactfully.)
I have been meeting with an Army recruiter lately. It has caused a lot of excitement in my circle of acquaintances. Not the sort of excitement you would expect for someone deciding to serve their country. Mostly the kind of excitement that ends in yelling and/or tears.

Contrary to what people think (that I will be the only girl in a place full of ex-conmen and rapists), the military has a tight screening process that leaves it full of decent, respectable people. And more and more of them are women! At least if the people I have seen in the recruiting office is any indication. I have yet to see a man signing up in there, but I have seen a few other women like myself. My hope is that one of them can find this blog and take heart in knowing there are other people on similar journeys as them.
Not only is this blog a place for military women to share their experiences, but it is my attempt to respond to Grandma and to all the other people out there having a hard time understanding my decision to join the Army Reserves. I hope that by coming on my journey with me (through the comfort of your computer screen, of course), you will see that it is really not so scary or bad as you had thought.


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