Choosing an MOS - Part 2

A couple weeks and lots of paperwork resubmittals later (it’s always something), I finally got the call today to come in and finish choosing my MOS. My recruiters had made some calls to a couple Reserve units and gotten the full list of available MOS’s there.

Each of the two Reserves had about 20 MOS’s for me to choose from. (This of course will depend on your ASVAB score and the availability of jobs in your area at any given time.) The first Reserve unit we looked at was about an hour from where I live. It would be the ideal place to get a job.

Lots of the MOS’s there were mechanic jobs. A few were logistics. A couple IT jobs. A cleaning job (which is one of the jobs called a “kicker” job, which means it comes with an increased monetary incentive, since it’s not exactly sought after). A medical receptionist. A weapon technician. And the one I was interested in—an HR job.

In general, I do not get excited about desk jobs. But HR is one I could see myself doing for some reason. Bonus: It is loosely related to what I’m studying in college (psychology). I wouldn’t go as far as to say I was excited about it, but it was my top choice.

Then we looked at the jobs at the second Reserve unit, about an 8-hour drive from where I live. I don’t even know why my recruiter called this Reserve unit (there are other Reserve units much closer to home), except maybe because it was DESTINY. This unit has a Special Ops unit, which it turns out, covers all the jobs I was really excited about.

The two I was most interested in were Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations. We read the descriptions and watched some Youtube videos to compare them. Turns out, the jobs are very similar. In the end, I decided I was born to be in PSYOP (Psychological Operations).

Nevermind that it is 8 hours from home. I can make a weekend trip out of it once a month. So what if I spend all the money I earn from the job, on travel to the job? For me, this is all about the experience and fulfilling a dream. (*Authors note: Since writing this post, I have learned that the Army compensates me for money spent on travel to and from drill weekends.)

Eventually, I might move to this city where I will be working. I am committed to the job for 6 years, after all. But for now, I am committed to finishing school. Only in my worst nightmares will that take me 6 more years! -knock on wood-

I am going back in to the recruiter’s office tomorrow to finish up some paperwork (we are forever finishing up some paperwork) and learn when/where I will be going to training. Wish me luck!


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