Preparing for BCT

Sorry to go AWOL for a while. The past few weeks have been busy, finishing the online future soldier training, making sure I have everything for Basic, trying to secure everything for school when I get back (a week into the semester), keeping up on my running, and travelling the state to drop off my baby (a very handsome bearded dragon lizard) with his auntie and getting him settled into a new home. Finally I feel like everything is in order, just in time for me to leave to Basic Training tomorrow morning.

The packing list for BCT is pretty short, so it was the least of my problems. I’ll attach a copy of the packing list I got, even though I found out a couple days ago that it’s outdated and not entirely accurate.

(Sorry for the wrinkles. This guy has been through a lot with me.)

The things (I know of) that are missing on this list are: a week’s worth of socks/underwear (glad I called my recruiters about this one), a digital watch (my recruiter recommended a $20 one from Wal-Mart that has an alarm, a light, and switches to military time), a phone (if you want one; but your Drill Sergeant will decide how often you can use it—usually only a couple times during your time at BT), and a Bible or other religious book (if desired). In addition, people recommend bringing blister band-aids and a Sharpie to mark all your things. I also packed a small journal.

Anything that you forget to bring/don’t want to pack can be bought at the PX (Post Exchange—the military retail store) once you’re there, but I’m told that it will be a couple days after arriving at BT before you can go there.

Only thing that can’t be bought at the PX: Documents. Can’t forget your documents. The only ones I need to bring are my driver’s license, my Social Security card, and the packet my recruiters gave me at my departure debriefing (with flight itinerary and instructions, etc.)

Let me know in the comments if there's something you found really helpful at Basic Training that I haven't mentioned!

Here’s to a whole day of travel ahead of me and five months of who-knows-what! I’m not sure when’s the next chance I’ll get to blog, so I’m signing off until further notice. Wish me luck!


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