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Basic Training: Week 9

June 05

It's the first chance I've had to write in a while. They say the weeks before graduation are really chill, but this week has been crazy for me. Honestly, it's been harder than Red Phase. More work and less sleep. I'm like a zombie. A really emotional zombie.

At first it was a really good week, because we got to go to a concert celebrating Fort Jackson's birthday. Everyone got to go, even trainees in Red Phase. (Can you imagine?) There was PIZZA and CANDY, a live band, a drill team, and fireworks! Durant, Eversmann, Fales and I ended up jumping up and down near the front of the crowd near the stage with the live band. It's one of those times I'll never forget. For us, it was a graduation celebration. We watched the fireworks at the end of the night, in formation, and said, "I cant believe we made it." Everyone's spirits were high.

Then back to real life. Things got crazy. Eversmann, the two males, and I were constantly training for the …

Basic Training: Week 8

May 26

I forgot to tell you that we did combatives. That was so fun. It is like MMA. I can't stop fighting Durant and Eversmann now. I wait until they're in their bunks or getting something out of their lockers and then............ I strike.

Today is Sunday and I wanted to go to my church so I could get a blessing for the Forge. I am really worried about my back because it hurts all the time now, and we are leaving tonight at midnight.

Briley and Eversmann came with me. Eversmann and I both got blessings. Briley really liked the service and had a lot of questions. So did Durant when we got home. Her dad is a Baptist pastor, mine is an LDS bishop, so we talk about religion quite a bit. This time we talked a looooong time and in the end she said, "This is actually really cool! I understand the basis of your beliefs." Finally explained it not like a conspiracy theory, I guess.

May 30

We just got back from the Forge. It was so long and so hot. Every day was over 100 degre…