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Basic Training: Week 8

May 26

I forgot to tell you that we did combatives. That was so fun. It is like MMA. I can't stop fighting Durant and Eversmann now. I wait until they're in their bunks or getting something out of their lockers and then............ I strike.

Today is Sunday and I wanted to go to my church so I could get a blessing for the Forge. I am really worried about my back because it hurts all the time now, and we are leaving tonight at midnight.

Briley and Eversmann came with me. Eversmann and I both got blessings. Briley really liked the service and had a lot of questions. So did Durant when we got home. Her dad is a Baptist pastor, mine is an LDS bishop, so we talk about religion quite a bit. This time we talked a looooong time and in the end she said, "This is actually really cool! I understand the basis of your beliefs." Finally explained it not like a conspiracy theory, I guess.

May 30

We just got back from the Forge. It was so long and so hot. Every day was over 100 degre…