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Basic Training: Week 10

June 09

My last Sunday at Basic Training. I never thought I'd live to see the day.

This week we have been on a lot of details around base, like moving furniture and police calling (which is a fancy way to say "picking up garbage"). I took three naps yesterday and our fireguard schedule is back to normal, so I feel better.

Last night was a "pizza party". "Party" in BCT means sitting in our assigned seats in the classroom, being yelled at to shut the f*** up. But there was pizza. We watched a dumb movie, but a movie, called Tropic Thunder.

I'm still spitting up blood, even more than before. I talked to a drill sergeant about it and he pretty much just said to suck it up. But I think I will probably go to sick call tomorrow morning. Even though I will miss graduation rehearsal, so I will probably be that person who messes up and trips at graduation. Also, they always make fun of you and make you feel guilty for going to sick call. Which is probably w…